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An example with Dedekind cuts

In this post, I will briefly describe an example in computability theory that is well known, but not easy to find in the literature. It gives one reason why Dedekind cuts are difficult to work with computationally. Theorem. There is … Continue reading

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Internal combinatorics and uniform reducibility

This post is a set of notes from a talk I gave on December 5th for the discrete mathematics seminar at Marshall University. I want to argue that logical analysis can reveal the “internal combinatorics” of theorems, using some recent … Continue reading

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Quiz on public peer review

I have been required to complete a “responsible conduct of research” training module by the research office at my school. The reason I am commenting is that I was asked to answer the following question “true” or “false”. This is … Continue reading

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The logic of Reverse Mathematics

This post is about a research idea I have been thinking about which is quite different from my usual research. It’s an example of a project with an “old fashioned” feel to it, as if it could have been studied … Continue reading

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