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An example with Dedekind cuts

In this post, I will briefly describe an example in computability theory that is well known, but not easy to find in the literature. It gives one reason why Dedekind cuts are difficult to work with computationally. Theorem. There is … Continue reading

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Filter quantifiers

I have been supervising an undergraduate student in an independent study in topology this semester. We have just finished the Stone–Čech compactification, and the semester is ending, so I want to end with an ultrafilter based proof of Hindman’s theorem. … Continue reading

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Computable roots of computable functions

Here are several interesting results from computable analysis: Theorem 1. If $f$ is a computable function from $\mathbb{R}$ to $\mathbb{R}$ and $\alpha$ is an isolated root of $f$, then $\alpha$ is computable. Corollary 2. If $p(x)$ is a polynomial over … Continue reading

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