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Talk: Survey of mathematically applied computability theory

Despite being relatively small, my department has three faculty in finite combinatorics, in addition to having me in logic. I recently gave a series of two talks in our seminar to present a broad overview of classical computability theory, and … Continue reading

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Talk on Reverse Mathematics and Ramsey Theory

This is a copy of my notes from a two-hour talk I gave at our local combinatorics seminar about Reverse Mathematics and Ramsey Theory. The audience consisted of our combinatorialists, who are not logicians, and so the talk is intended … Continue reading

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Talk on the existence of connected components of graphs

This week I am attending a seminar at Dagstuhl on Measuring the Complexity of Computational Content: Weihrauch Reducibility and Reverse Analysis. This post has slides from my talk and some blog-only remarks to expand on them.

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Talk on Reverse Mathematics and the Modal Logic of Reverse Mathematics

This is a transcription of notes from a talk I gave on November 1, 2013 to the interdisciplinary logic seminar at the University of Connecticut. I gave a general introduction to Reverse Mathematics and then spoke about my work with … Continue reading

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Internal combinatorics and uniform reducibility

This post is a set of notes from a talk I gave on December 5th for the discrete mathematics seminar at Marshall University. I want to argue that logical analysis can reveal the “internal combinatorics” of theorems, using some recent … Continue reading

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